PT. SINTRA SINARINDO ELEKTRIK , the newest member of Shen Chang Group, was established in october 1996, and has its factory (20,000 M2) located in the Newton Techno Park, Lippo Cikarang in Indonesia. Over the past three decades Shen Chang, a leader in the manufacturing of distribution transformers in Taiwan has demonstrated its dedication to quality and finesse in coping with growing market demand. It has built ties with well-known companies in America and Europe to upgrade technicalexpertise, furthermore, in 1994 Shen Chang was awarded the Certificate of ISO 9002 for the quality assurance. PT. Sintra Sinarindo Elektrik , witch is a joint venture company of Shen Chang Elc., PT. Sinarindo, and Tong Cheng Cable & Wires, has its major product lines of transformers, cores, surge arresters, fuse cut out, welders, and high voltage testing equipment.





PT. SINARINDO WIRANUSA ELEKTRIK, was established in August 1989, with its factory being located the Pangkalan IA, Narogong Bantar Gebang-Bekasi in West Java, Indonesia. We has major product line eg. : Tap Connectors, Compression Connector Press - CCS, MCB, KWH Meter, Paralel Groove Clamp, Cable Schoen, Service Wedge Clamp, Strain Clamp, Hook Clamp, Small Angle Assembly, Fuse Cut -Out, Lightning Arrester, Large Angle Assembly, Live Line Clamp, Dead End Assembly, Bundle End Protection, Plastic Seal, MV Insulator ( Line Post, Pin Post, Suspension, Guy Isolator ). Etc.

Product of PT. SINARNDO WIlity certificaion from the SPM-P has also im April 199


PT. SINTRA SINARINDO ELEKTRIK - PT. SINARINDO WIRANUSA ELEKTRIK. Kota Grogol Permai Blok H No. 26 - Jl. Prof. Dr. Latumenten Jakarta 11460 - Telp. 021 - 5649468 (Hunting). Fax : 021 - 5679395, 56960372. Email : director@sinarindo.com, sintra_trafo@sinarindo.com..