.Step-Lap Cores and Stacking Cores have different clamp arrangements. We designed a special preload structure, which not only can resist axial electromagnetic force, but also perform well on resisting radial electromagnetic force. with reinforced clamps, the coils increasetheir anti-axial and radial strength, making the coils compact and strong. So, our transformers have exellent electromagnetic characteristics and the best anti-short-circuit strength. This guarantees the safety of system when an abnormal breakdown occurs.

Transformers standard accessories, normally consist of :

  • Name plate (rating plate )
  • Oil level indicator
  • Oil filling device
  • Lifting lugs
  • Medium voltage & low voltage bushings
  • Base roller or skid base
  • Factory name plate
  • Thermometer
  • Grain valve
  • Off load tap changer.

OPtional Accessories
Conventional tank

  • Concenvator with breather
  • Dial type thermometer with alarm & tripping contacts
  • Bushings cover box cable box
  • Elastimold epoxy resin bushing for HV side

Hermetically sealed tank

  • Pressure relief valve or device
  • Pressure vacuum gauge
  • Nitrogen filling valve
  • Dial thermometer with alarm & tripping contacts
  • Bushing cover box cable box
  • Estimold bushing

All products must pass standard Q>C and testing procedures before shipment.

A. Complete routine test as specified in standards , as follow :

  • Turn ratio test
  • Polarity Test
  • Cooper loss (load loss )test
  • Iron loss (no load loss) test
  • Transformer oil breakdown voltage test
  • Measurement of no load current (exciting current)
  • Measurement of impedance
  • Applied voltage test
  • Include Voltahe test

B. Type Test : In case of newly designed transformer or upon special request from customer, we could alsoperform the following type test.

  • All rouitne test, item spedified in (A)
  • Impulse voltage test
  • temperature rise test

Our Transformers can be intalled indoor or outdoor, special design or special installation can be arranged upon customer request.